Lose the Weight and the Excuses

Fitness is on the minds of most people during the summer.  As the weather warms up and the layers come off, we take stock of our goals and whether or not they were met.  In some cases we are thrilled with the results of that gluten-free diet we stuck to all winter long, or can’t wait to show off our muscular frame.  Result vary, as the saying goes.  And for too many, there are no measurable results at all.  Depending on where you fall in the scheme of things, a diet or exercise program can be a blessing or a bust.  One thing is for sure, we must take responsibility for our health.  If walking outside is not an option, try moving around more in the house.  If you don’t have room for fitness equipment in your budget, fill containers with water and lift them every day.  Do something to get started.  Time is ticking, how long will your heart?

When it comes to dedication, there are examples of people who have turned the tables on the old excuses they told themselves and others.  Often times it was after the first heart attack, but at least they got moving and improved their health.  One fellow said he was so lazy that if he could get his car in the house, he wouldn’t walk to the bathroom.  After he had a stroke, he showed up to work out everyday and stopped eating those extra-large orders of French fries.

Expensive equipment means nothing if you don’t use it.  And you can find some of the best online when you search eBay for local deals.  Better yet, search Groupon for deals on all the things you buy from eBay, and you can save even more.  They have deals that take of 70% or more of the list price on any number of goods, and many come with free shipping.  You’d be surprised at the number of exercise equipment for same on eBay.  You pay pennies on the dollar when you apply Groupons for this stuff, and a lot of it is practically new.  So if you’re decided to get back into your fitness routine, check Groupon first and then apply the discounts whenyou shop eBay.  You have nothing to lose but your excuses.

For the longest time I was angry at my Dad for passing away.  It was sudden, ugly and it left me reeling with shock and grief.  I was also tasked with getting rid of his junk, or as he called it, “collection” of things he’s rescued from the trash heaps of time.  Every time I opened the storage container on the property, I wanted to shake my fists at the Heavens hoping he’d know how angry I was.  Many times I’d stumble over a rusted fender, or bump into an old bicycle choked by weeds.  Or I’d just stand there, looking at it all jumbled and tumbled together, then go get a cold one and mull my fate while mindlessly watching TV.

I was doing that very thing when a program came on about two guys who scour the countryside looking for junk heaps like mine.  They seem to relish finding old motorcycles, rusted car parts, bicycles and signs.  One of them has a fondness for oil cans I’ll never understand.  Then it hit me.  I had some of that same junk in the shed.  After binge watching a few hours, I realized there was something I could do, and made a mental note to take inventory the next time I went out to the farm.

When I shared my frustration with the guys at work, one of them suggested using eBay to get rid of some the vinyl records I’d been talking about dumping.  Then it hit me – again.  I could use eBay to sell Dad’s stuff.  Later that night, my wife said she had used a Groupon deal to make a purchase on eBay and yep, it hit me again.  By this time, I was sure it was my Dad, boxing my ears like he did when I was little, but I finally got the hint.

Now, far from being angry, I’m selling this stuff off, by the piece or by the bundle, just like the guys on that television show.  And eBay makes it so easy to do.  I just post a picture, tell a story about the piece, and off it goes.  Picking through the pieces has brought back so many memories.  It’s been like stealing a little more time with my Dad.  And no way can I be angry about that.