Know hemorrhoid disease – About hemorrhoid and its symptoms

Hemorrhoid is the other name of piles disease and in it the veins under the anus get swelled. Half of the people experience a hemorrhoid symptom, and it is mainly common in individuals who are more than 50 years old. Besides this, they can be internal or external, and they can be developed in outside and inside the anus. Many people do not take this disease seriously and because of this reason it will become a big problem in future, and they have to get surgery in order to cure this disease. Because of this reason, everyone should know hemorrhoid disease symptoms and should be aware of the right time to consult a doctor if they experience any symptoms of it.


Besides this, the symptoms of hemorrhoid are swelling, and it will further cause pain, itching around the anal area, many people have difficulty in sitting and in most severe cases it lead bleeding around the anal area. But did you know hemorrhoid disease is treatable, and you can get relief from this disease. But first of all, lets us know what exactly hemorrhoid disease is and about its symptoms.

Symptoms of hemorrhoid diseases

You should be aware of hemorrhoid disease symptoms and have complete knowledge about it. If you have any of the symptoms that are listed below, then it is the right time for you to visit the doctor. Here are the symptoms:

  • You may feel itching around your anal or rectum, and it can be severe or not that severe. Well, if you have extreme itching and its keep on becoming worse then you should visit a doctor as quickly as you can.
  • If you have piles, then your anal become extremely painful, and you will further get irritation in that area. Besides this, there is a difference in the severity of pain and irritation, but these two symptoms are common in the patients of hemorrhoid.
  • Lump formation is the most common and most severe symptom of piles as the patients of this diseases experience swelling of around their anus and also lumps formed around their anus. If you experience this symptom, then you know how painful it is as you will not able to sit, and it also makes you uncomfortable.
  • You should know hemorrhoid disease causes fecal leakage and also painful bowl movement. Many patients often experience constipation and due to which their bowl movement become painful.
  • The most severe symptom of this disease is that you have blood on your bow, and this is because your tissues are filled with blood and it will further make your bowl movement painful.

So, above are the symptoms of hemorrhoid, and if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then it may be possible that you have hemorrhoid diseases. But don’t worry if you have it at starting stage as well as it is not a life-threatening disease. There are many treatments regarding this disease are available, and it can be effectively cured. Know hemorrhoid diseases will help you to cure and treat your problem at the beginning of the disease as if it is treated in the beginning it will not become a big problem and you will not need surgery for it.

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